Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month. In March, people learn how women throughout history have made great accomplishments despite many challenges, such as not being treated the same as men.

We at the Secondary Media Center have celebrated the Women’s History Month by displaying the Biographies of Women’s who make history in the world along with two challenges for students. One is the Quiz with 6 questions which the students have to research and find the answers and second is making a Biography Pyramid of a women which interest them. This is a good way of making students aware of the importance of Biographies and the great work done by Women’s in the world history.

Biographies play vital role in the life of students to understand the history and gives beautiful insight into people’s life.

The MYP classes have visited the library to take up the challenges.  Anne Frank, Helen Keller, Malala, Mother Teresa, Marie Curie, Rosa Parks, Virginia Grutter & Franklin Roosevelt were on the popular list of Biographies.

I would like to thank our teachers who made an effort to bring their classes to the library.  MYP 1,2,3,5 and DP 1 Spanish language class were the one who took that challenge.  We are looking forward for more classes to come and visit the library and take this challenge.

Thank you.

Sunita Malekar &  Audrey Lawrence

Secondary Media Center