Origami is fun

In our homeroom (MYP4B), our teachers invited two ladies of the support staff, Ms. Shamla and Ms. Meera to teach us Origami. We had two homeroom lessons with them and learnt how to create an origami fish which could be seen as a decor in the DP library.

They brought the red and yellow colour strip of papers and gave us two strips each. They then taught us to intertwine them together. They showed us the finished origami fish and it looked very simple, however it was a lot harder than it seemed and Meera and Shamla came and helped us individually.

However, creating the origami fish itself was not the objective of these lessons. The point of this activity was to reduce a gap between the support staff and school students by communicating through this kind of activity. It was for us to interact with the staff of this school who deserve so much more attention and appreciation for what they do for us.

This activity really fulfilled its purpose as we not only got the chance to appreciate the support staff’s hidden talents and skills, but we also learned a precious lesson that knowledge is everywhere and that language is not always a barrier.

We look forward to having such activities like this, which will be a good chance for both students and staffs to come together, interact and learn new things.

Yoo Jeong and Elea Hahlin