Literati Week

Literati Week

Writing Competition

“I urge you to celebrate the extraordinary courage and contributions of refugees past and present.” Kofi Annan, UN Secretary-General

The Secondary Media Centre in collaboration with the Language A Department has celebrated Literati week from 6th to 10th November 2017.

We have organised a Writing Competition with “Migration” as a theme.  The MYP students has written 500 word opinion piece responding to the question “To what extent can migration result in a better lifestyle in 2017?”  The ELA students have written stories on the same topic by collecting pictures on Migration.

We had organised this competition to encourage students to become more informed and globally minded about important issues in the region and around the world.  Migrants and refugees are the biggest concern around the world. We are now seeing an increasing number of nations take steps to tighten their borders and stem the flow of migrants in response to shifting public perceptions. As a new factors such as climate change combine with more traditional drivers for migration, more people are on the move than ever before in search of a better life.  Can they achieve it in today’s world, what will be the impact?

This is our observation that students have researched this topic and handed in a very insightful and well researched opinion piece. Their writing focuses on different types of migration, for e.g.  Political migration, natural environmental migration, forced migration, pull and push migration.  Students have included good quotes, statistics, and pictures to present their opinion piece.  Some have written their own experience about migrating from one country to another for the sake of change in parent’s job or for education.

The English Acquisition, ELA students have presented their work in a story form along with pictures on migration.  One of the student has written a story imagining the migration situation is faced by him. The other student has written a story which gives the insight of his painful journey without his parents.

We CONGRAGULATE our winners and runner ups for this Competition.

Class Winner Runner UP
ELA Phase 2 Hugo Hahlin Joon Hee
ELA Phase 3/4 Akshat Chatterjee Karim Abani
MYP 1 A Mohammad Waarid NO
MYP 1 B ——- Rahil Shah
MYP 2 A Saumya Chheda Yeshaya Engineer
MYP 2 B HyunAh Bae Catharina Kotte
MYP 3 A & B Miheer Potdar Anjali Kumaran
MYP 4 A Sneh Deshpande Soumil Joshi
MYP 4 B Elsie Bebbington Qavalina Andrade
MYP 5 A Sophia Shahril Sebastiano Maurilli
MYP 5 B Menaja Bhamare Nishka Hajela

International School Library Month was celebrated in October around the world to understand the importance of school libraries. MYP 1, 2, 3 has participated in the Digital  Book Mark Exchange activity organised by the “International School Library Association”.  The Theme for this month was “Connecting Communities & Cultures”.

MBIS students have exchanged book marks with Beaconhouse School System Defence Campus Karachi, Pakistan.

In our October Newsletter we had promised you that we will post the book marks made by our students and the one we got in exchange from the Karachi school.  You will find them in the links posted here. (MBIS) (Karachi School)

I would like to thank Ms Daisy (Secondary Principal) for her active support in guiding and selecting the winners.    I appreciate the efforts taken by the Language A Department and EAL teachers to conduct this competition and selecting the essays.  It was a wonderful collaboration and team work.  Last but not the least, thank you to our students who participated and made these events successful.

Ms Sunita Malekar

Librarian, Secondary Media Centre