Secondary Swim Gala

The Secondary Swim Gala takes place on Tuesday 12th June. This is the final event in the House programme with MYP 1-5 having already taken part in multiple sports: Basketball, Soccer, Kickball, Kho Kho, Tchoukball, as well Language, Math and Humanities based activities. The DP  students joined in for Sports Day and we will see DP 1 students also coming to participate in the Swim Gala.

This year has seen the different departments run activities as part of the House programme and this culminates in the Raft Race. Under the guidance of the Math & Science departments, students have designed and created their own raft from recycled plastic water bottles.

Here is an outline of the day:

8.10am            Homeroom

8.20am            House meetings

8.50am            Move to pool

9am                 Start first event (this could become 9.10am)

Breaks whenever students are not racing

1pm                 Lunch time

1.45pm            Meet back at pool

2.30pm            Finish last event then awards

2.45pm            Students go change

3.05pm            Normal dismissal


There will be a covered shamiana on the grass area outside the pool and we look forward to parents attending. Coffee and tea will also be available for parents. As with previous events parents will score bonus points for wearing their child’s house colour.

Students are reminded to bring:

  • Swimsuit
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottles
  • Snacks (will be eaten pool side while watching races)
  • House spirit.

At the conclusion of the Swim Gala the House trophy will be presented to this year’s winning team. This will be the culmination of all House events.

2018/19 ISACI

Next school year will see MBIS play host to ISACI Boys Basketball and the Middle School Sports Festival. MBIS are defending champions in Boys Basketball  and our team will be ready to hit the ground running. ISACI Boys Basketball along with Girls Soccer will start Thursday 9th August with our first Saturday practice being 11th August. Tryouts for both teams will start first week back so make sure you are in shape and have maintained your fitness level over the summer break.

ISACI events:

Boys Basketball          4-6 Oct, 2018              MBIS

Girls Soccer                4-6 Oct, 2018              SIS

Boys Soccer               29 Nov – 1 Dec, 2018 SIS

Girls Basketball           29 Nov – 1 Dec, 2018 TBS

Middle School Sports Festival            31 Jan – 2 Feb, 2019   MBIS

(Boys & Girls Basketball & Soccer)

Boys Cricket               7 – 9 March, 2019       ISH

Girls Volleyball            7 – 9 March, 2019       ISH

Boys & Girls Swimming          4 – 6 April, 2019           TBS



MYP 4, 5 and DP 1 students have recently received an email regarding ISACI, MUN and SAT’s. There is a possibility that the main SAT India dates will also be an ISACI weekend. This may involve students either registering for SAT’s in another city or choosing not to participate in ISACI. Full details will be out once Indian dates and venues are confirmed.

CHEMUN, THIMUN and ISACI Boys Soccer/Girls Basketball are also held in 3 consecutive weeks. Students can participate in both CHEMUN and ISACI but cannot do both THIMUN and ISACI. If you are interested in both THIMUN and ISACI you must choose one over the summer break and inform MUN leaders and Miss Jodi of your decision on return to school.

Secondary CCA’s

We are in the middle of finalising secondary CCA’s for next school year. We are hoping to introduce some different activities guided by external providers. To enable these programmes to be run by experts in their fields, there will be a cost for parents for all external providers.  In line with these, the activities run by secondary staff will still take place as will the continuation of our service programme.

Information will be sent to parents the first day of school with the final offerings and programme. Presentations by all leaders will take place during an assembly in the first couple of days back and students will sign up before then end of the first week.

CCA’s will start MONDAY 20th AUGUST.

Saturday morning sports

Thanks go out to the MYP and DP students who have been in charge of our Saturday morning Primary Soccer and Basketball programmes. These programmes will start back up late August and the starting date will go out via homeroom teachers and in the newsletter.

Ms. Jodi