Ermal CAS Project

Role- Admin and Logistics Head MISMUN 2019/20

MUN refers to Model United Nations, which is a simulation of the United Nations conferences organized and attended by high school students in order to learn many skills ranging from leadership to risk-taking. As IB students, we are familiar with such traits as they are a part of the IB student profile. This is the reason behind IB students being the best-fit for these conferences and achieving different kinds of awards.

As the MIS MUN club, we aim to transfer our experiences and skills to our younger friends, to build the future of our club. Therefore, we organize an MISMUN conference yearly with many participants from different schools, in addition to our own students to create a diverse environment.  Apart from the academics’ team, organizing such an event is extremely important for the delegates and chairs to get the best experience possible. As I have gained lots of experience before joining MIS in my home country, I was very keen on to be the Admin and Logistics Head of MISMUN and I joined immediately.

During this experience, I have constantly been in touch with Ms. Jodi and Ms. Anjali and the Executive Board. By working collaboratively, we concluded on everything necessary to be supplied for the conference to take place without any issues. This includes many things, such as arranging accommodation for people coming from outside, ID cards and communication with the guards at gate, welcome packs. Our first challenge was finalizing on the places of the committees. This was quite a challenge due to the construction happening on the 3rd floor of the B block. We had to keep in touch with people to understand if the construction would be finished by the time the event would take place. As we did not have a certain answer, we made a list on the possible teacher rooms which could be used in the committees and how we could arrange them. Another challenge was the welcome packs, as we had to figure out what to include depending on our budget and I communicated with Ms. Prithi for the estimated cost of the bags, t-shirts and possible agenda which could be included.

By the time we heard of COVID-19 it was only a few weeks left to our conference. We constantly kept in touch and tried to take the possible measures needed to ensure everybody’s safety. We had to gradually make changes to who would be able to come to conference, first excluding students from other cities and afterwards students outside of our school. At the end unfortunately, we had to adjourn the conference as we could not hold it anymore.

Despite the challenges we faced as a team, everybody worked collaboratively with each other although everybody had a specific role. This is what the MUN club is about, helping each other and encouraging our younger friends to take our places in the upcoming years, to keep this community going and ensure the future of this club despite the problems which can be faced.