Guest Artists in PYP4

Mr Sagar’s visit to PYP 4 as a guest artist.     

On the Thursday 26th May we had a visitor, Mr Sagar the Head of Sodexo. He showed us his passion and talent of fruit/ vegetable carving. He made roses, butterflies, leaves and a fascinating swan carved from an apple. This was all connected to our unit’s central idea ‘People’s life experiences are often shared through the creative process’, as he was sharing his life experiences through this creative process of fruit carving. We all got inspired by his talent and took up the responsibility to doing one carving too. We had to make our carving to represent ourselves and also make a report of our carving. This was a very fun experience.

  • Riddhimaa Jain,Jae hun Jung and Ariel Elbert


Mr Viktor’s visit TO PYP 4 AS GUEST ARTIST

Mr Viktor,came to our class on the 18th May. He is a painter /artist and he came in to help us in expressing ourselves. He is extremely crazy and can make funny noises like mike noises to get our attention even though he loves silence. The first piece of advice he gave us was. “When you think, you stink” which means don’t over think anything. Then we were given: paint, brushes, canvases and the freedom to paint anything. It was really confusing and I didn’t know what to do like many others. So I thought about things I love and made a painting out of that. The big canvases were a bit daunting so some people listened to Mr Viktor who had the idea of painting on the back of the canvas, which I thought was pretty creative.

Everyone painted a painting that meant a lot to them while some painted things which they’ve dreamt of. It was interesting how everyone had such different pieces of work, it was fun to share our different perspectives and interpretations’ of these paintings’. But that wasn’t all, he inspired us so much to express ourselves. We wanted to jot down all the learnings we have learned and how this can connect so well with our Essential Elements. We wrote a descriptive and entertaining reflection about his visit. His visit was amazingly fun and very helpful because it helped people to present their talents in a very different way. Lastly we thanked Mr.Viktor with a Mercedes Benz International School bag and we were very grateful that he came to visit us.

Ashna Rastogi & Anika Vijaypurkar

 PYP 4