How we organise ourselves

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There was a lot of excitement and enthusiasm generated when Preschool 3 went  for a ride in an Autorickshaw and on a Bullock Cart.

This engagement was planned in connection with the Transdisciplinary Theme ‘How we Organize Ourselves’ and the Central Idea – ‘Transportation systems connect communities’.

The children have been exploring different modes of transportation used. The Autorickshaw and Bullock Cart connected well with our present location, as these are modes of transports they can see on the roads in and around Pune .

Many of the children had been in an Autorickshaw, however, the Bullock Cart was a first time experience for all. They thoroughly enjoyed the rides and were “risk takers” as they climbed into the cart and went around the school premises.

The children asked some questions such as: ‘Where is the boot and fuel tank of the Autorickshaw? Where are the brakes? How does the meter work?’  They made connections with the previous unit on ‘Force and Energy’ when they noticed a battery and said that it had energy inside it and the music and lights worked with this in the Autorickshaw.

The introduction to the bulls and the cart lead to a number of questions. They were curious to know: how old the bulls were, if the bulls slept with the cart and harness on them, the names of the bulls and what they did on the farm other than carrying hay and people.They learned that the bulls were put to work ploughing the fields and we discussed the way the bulls with the plough created furrows

Their observational skills were in evidence when they asked why the bulls had painted horns, and learned that they were painted to make them look beautiful.

The students made comparisons with the number of wheels of an Autorickshaw and Bullock Cart and how the steering wheel of the Autorickshaw was similar to a scooter.

Both sessions were very enjoyable and informative for our students.

PS 3 Team.