IISSAA and our DP2 Athletes

This year we held our first inter-school sports competition after around 3 years. The school we competed against was International School of Hyderabad. The sheer amount of joy and community that was felt throughout the school was unexplainable. The final resumption of competitive sports allowed us to bond with students from other schools and further develop school relationships intergrade, this was previously halted due to the aftereffects of the pandemic. 

Many challenges were faced during the competition the constant need to keep up the fighting spirit and to not accept defeat no matter what. For the girls, we were able to gradually improve our ability to defend against the opponents as each match went on. By the last match, which was friendly between the captains and coaches, we were finally able to play instead of against our opponents with them. This entire competition in my opinion was a great opportunity to widen connections and create new friends, through respect and hard work.

  • Tia

This was my final year swimming with the Eagles, and I could not be happier with how it went. It was so rewarding to lead a team of incredibly determined swimmers, all of whom showed commitment, dedication, and excellent sportsmanship. Competition was fierce, and the atmosphere was charged with good-natured rivalry. It’s a common misconception that swimming is an individual sport—this tournament was proof that it’s anything but. We lost our voices cheering each other on through races and relays, made friends across both teams alike, and experienced the specific solidarity and connection that comes with being an athlete, and part of a team. Ultimately, we won every category and medal and accepted our golds with grace; I am so grateful to have been part of this wonderful team, and so unbelievably proud to be their captain. Go Eagles!

  • Anjali

This was for me an amazing experience, since the last competitive swimming was not completed because of the Covid-19 pandemic, where I also joined, this was the first competition with another school after the pandemic. I am glad that I had the option to join the team and become the captain of the group. This was my last year with the team and as the captain I cannot be proud of the younger grades, who showed shocking effort and perseverance towards the swimming. The whole team was amazing and worked hard to achieve their personal goal set when they joined the group. I really recommend the entire competition, because it is a wonderful experience to create new friends even after the loss and learn fairness among our community. 

  • Michal