Infinite Possibilities

The first Primary Arts performance and Visual Arts exhibition of Semester Two took place on March 9th at the Radisson and showcased the talents of the oldest Primary Students, our PYP 4 and PYP 5 classes.

The performance was outstanding and engaged the audience, young and old, from beginning to end. We saw the students work collaboratively, as well as showcasing some individual talents. The energy levels were out of this world and they practiced tirelessly not only in their scheduled rehearsals but you could hear them too all around the school at breaktimes !

The approach this year enabled us to showcase the students amazing artwork, as well as their musical talents, and this made the whole experience more meaningful for the students. They now have a better understanding of “The Arts” as a combined area of human expression.

How did this wonderful event and all the careful preparation support our learning and curriculum? Well in brief:

The transdisciplinary skills were incorporated with particular emphasis on collaboration and communication. There was plenty of thinking involved and creativity abounded. The learner profile was represented by the risk-takers, communicators, inquirers and knowledgeable students.
The inquiry process was all part of the preparation as they students worked out what it was they wanted to included and in the performance and also how they would about their personal art pieces. They designed their concert t-shirts and had many interesting discussions on just what “infinite possibilities” means to each of them individually and as a collective.
Collaboration abounded, between the students and the faculty, let’s not forget one piece presented was linked to the learning in the PE lessons.
Was their space for Student Voice and Choice? Yes, from the first introduction to the last part of the preparations. They decided if they wanted to audition for a solo or small group role, they designed the wings with their wonderful art pieces and voted on which to include, they worked on the t-shirt designs, they selected their art work and wrote about their Art intention for each piece. All in all this event was a wonderful embodiment of what it means to have an IBPYP education.

What the Performers had to say:

Infinite possibilities Performed by MBIS PYP4 and PYP5 Originally created by Teresa Jennings
On the 9th March, 2018 the students of PYP 4 and 5 of MBIS had gathered together to perform an amazing musical called “Infinite Possibilities” written by Teresa Jennings. At the start they played a lovely video and then the countdown, 10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… 0… and that started the music. The students started with a lovely song called “Possibilities” that symbolizes that your life is spread before you and you have to make a choice with all the different possibilities. A few narrators gave a warm welcome to the audience and after that, some students had volunteered to sing a funny, entertaining, but well practiced song, called Big Dreams. Subsequently a few narrators talked about how in MBIS we have a lot of talent.

There was a spotlight performance segment where, if you got selected, you could perform in front of the crowd. There were many diverse performances and all were good. It’s time to move on to the next song. The next song was about how there are different professions and you can choose one. It was called, “I’m Gonna Be”. After that the narrators talked about how there are different possibilities with feelings.

We had a heartfelt song called, “Don’t Ever Give Up”, that tells you to keep doing what you want to do. Yes, there might be problems but keep at it. Next the narrators talked about taking the path that you choose, the path of life. Finally there was a very powerful song called, “It’s My Journey”, that symbolizes that whatever path you want in life, you must decide what it is and follow your passion. The song was so powerful that there were a few tears in the audience.

After the concert, the students explained about different works of Art that they made and each one told a story. PYP 4 and 5 have made many diverse paintings and put a lot of effort into it. PYP 4 and 5 have put up a splendid concert. I hope everyone can learn something from the mind blowing musical.
Written by Adi Sood PYP 4

PYP 4-5 had a concert and Art exhibition called Infinite Possibilities on March 9th 2018.
I think the theme is appropriate for us since we have a long journey ahead of us and we can see so many possibilities. All the songs have some kind of symbolic meaning like in Big Dreams the meaning is that younger children have dreams too, where we must decide on our way, not our parents or our friends.
The concert went well according to the parents though there were technical and practical issues. After the concert all the parents headed for the Art exhibition. In the exhibition our hidden names, pattern quilts, possibilities interpretation, artwork, tessellation and 3D shapes were all done by the pyp 4 and 5 students.The wings were also made by students.
Overall it was a good presentation even though there were a few errors.

By Armaan Mehtani, PYP4.

By Kotaro Yamada – PYP 5
On March 9th, 2018, at Radisson Blu, the MBIS PYP 4 and 5 semester two Art performance, ‘Infinite Possibilities’. I felt excited but at the same time I felt nervous because there were lots and lots of audience members waiting to watch our presentation. Ms. Praveeta prepared us for the performance with the songs, our lines and playing the instruments.

Right outside the hall where the musical show was done, there was an Art Exhibition by PYP 4 & 5. I felt proud of my Art because I put my best work in it. Ms.Charmaine helped us understand what we have to do in each kind of art. We wrote our artistic intent for each of our art pieces which would help the audience understand our perspective.

The whole show was a great success because our topic, ‘Infinite Possibilities’, connected to everyone.

What our student audience thought:

Stella: The performance was so much fun! I was so proud to see my sister singing on stage.
Rhea: I really liked how confidently the children played the instruments.
Annah: I was surprised to see that the kids were on stage by themselves without any help. I think they practiced a lot.
Adityavardhan: I enjoyed the show. They expressed themselves nicely by acting and singing and dancing.

Jaesong – “It was amazing!”
Sia D. “I liked the band and solo performers because I liked their voices.”
Pranjal “I liked how they sang in harmony together. It looked like a lot of hard work to sing all these difficult songs”
Doyoung “The artwork was charming”
Nina “I liked a lot of things like the artwork and singing.”

PYP2 – Michal Agmon
In the show, I liked the song “Big Dreams” sung by my sister and her friends. The song told me that it does not matter if you are small, you can always have big dreams.

Ms Carla The student’s performance at times felt like the IB learner profile put to words as the students sang vital messages to their parents, peers and teachers. The artwork as well reflected not only artistic skill but also creativity at its best.

Ms Eileen (Director) Last week’s PYP 4 and PYP 5 combined art show and performance was very touching. It exemplified many of the core values that are part of an IB education and was certainly an excellent reminder to adults of where our aspirations and priorities should lie. I wish to thank the students for bringing their enthusiasm, creativity and energy to this event as well as the teachers who artfully guided them in this work. Go Eagles!

Saba – PYP 4 class rep The performance by PYP4 and PYP5 was very impressive. It was a delight to watch the students put their heart and soul into the music and songs. The individual performances, which all reflected the main theme of the show – Possibilities – were very touching. The hard work, discipline and confidence could be seen throughout the event.
It was great to have the opportunity to observe the art work of the students related to the Unit on personal expression. The creativity, ideas and knowledge of different artists and techniques shows how the students have progressed and developed over the months. On behalf of all parents I would like to thank the students, teachers and the complete MBIS team for a wonderful evening. The new format of splitting the performance into age groups seems to have worked very well.

Rachana – PYP 5 class rep Congratulations to the PYP Arts team (Ms. Praveeta, Ms Charmaine, and Mr Kushal) and PYP4 and 5 Homeroom teams for a successful and impressive presentation last Friday
The performance was seamless and the parents truly enjoyed the presentation of ” Infinite Possibilities.” The enthusiasm of the children to showcase their work was truly impressive.
As parents walked through the doors, we were greeted by the colourful and expressive artwork of the children. Each piece was an impression of personality, perseverance and perspective. Seeing each art piece and then reading the personal reflection of the work by the artist was an insight into the process of creation and really gave an understanding of the child’ impression of the word possibilities.
My husband and I were truly impressed with the performances as each act was so meaningful to the understanding of possibilities. The brilliance of the children was doubled when the parents requested an encore performance followed by the standing ovation.
We truly enjoyed the performances of PYP4 and 5 and wish the younger pyp classes all the best for their upcoming performances in April and May.

Eileen – PYP 4 Class rep: Last Friday afternoon at the Radisson Blu, the families of PYP4 & 5 students attended a Music and Art Show titled “Possibilities” …the show turned out to be a truly professionally choreographed surprise, and a real treat – both visually and aurally. The event began with a wonderful video montage depicting the children’s progress as they practiced and worked on their performances and art respectively. Over the course of the next 2 hours the audience was captivated by the performers’ engaging, energetic and musically astute pieces. The group and choral performances were beautifully done including two part harmonies and solos, interspersed with thoughtful narratives about opening oneself to all the possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead for these youngsters. The soloists dazzled with their talent and complex song choices, while the PYP4 band treated everyone to a perfect rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine”. Following the Musical performance we enjoyed a delicious tea with the added pleasure of perusing the children’s artwork. We saw wonderful self expression pieces using various artistic styles such as “symbolism”, “pointism” and “magical realism” to name a few. The artwork- including the professionally framed pieces, were beautifully displayed and curated with much thought and attention to detail. At the end of the afternoon, one left the venue feeling truly satiated with all that we saw and heard. Well done to all our very talented children and the marvelous Music and Art teachers and support staff!

I would like to express my thanks to all of those who make these events possible for our community. Our dedicated faculty, our ever present and willing support workers, our committed administration team, our supportive parent and of course our marvellous, enthusiastic and dedicated students. I must extend thanks to the Radisson Blu, Hinjawadi and Mr Nirmal Sahu who supported us in many ways as we planned and executed the programme

I of course special thanks to Ms Praveeta, Ms Charmaine, Mr Kushal the PYP 4 and 5 Homeroom Teams !

Helen Sharrock
Primary Principal