International School Library Month (ISLM)

ISLM is celebrated in the month of October by schools & libraries all around the world. This is a wonderful month of fun learning experiences and many opportunities to share a love for books and reading. The school libraries are moving to the digital age so the theme for the month is “Learn to Decode Your World”.

1The Secondary Media Centre has celebrated this month by participating in the activities organised by the International School Library Association(IASL). The main activity is the bookmark exchange, where the school is matched with other school to exchange the book marks. This year we got a match with a school in Australia, named ‘Marcellin College-Secondary Section’ . MYP 1,2,& 3 have created bookmarks which will be exchanged with this school shortly.

We organised the Breakout EDU activity with the help of our Tech integrator Ms. Fanny which was well connected with our ISLM theme ‘Learn to decode your world’. The activity was very engaging where the students had to unlock a series of locks to discover and decode clues which were kept in the box. The clues were connected to 3 & 4 digit numbers. The most challenging was the time bomb which was displayed on the screen and set for 30 minutes for the completion of the entire activity. MYP 2 A & B were able to complete this challenge in 27 minutes, so congratulations to them.

The students used collaboration, thinking, research, time & organisation skills to find the answers and complete this task. Overall it was an enjoyable acitivity for one and all.

Sunita Malekar
Secondary Media Center