MIS International Carnival 2022

MIS PTA Carnival is a treasured ritual for our school!

It is a perfect blend of cultures, cuisines and friendships across the globe. Held in the beginning of the academic year, the Carnival provides a platform to break the ice between the new families and the continuing ones, thus forming strong bonds across the entire community, throughout the year.

The auspicious start of the Carnival happens with the Lighting of the Lamp, an age-old tradition of the host country- India. The Fire represents brilliance, truth and knowledge. Lighting of the fire represents burning away darkness, negativity and ignorance and providing a pure start to something good. This is the essence of the Carnival celebration!

The level of participation from our very enthusiastic support staff, teachers, admin staff, parents and students is immense and gratifying.

The Carnival takes pride in representing all the 30 nationalities that are currently part of MIS. The International Flag Parade is an emotional moment, especially for those away from their motherland. Every participant proudly parades across the field holding their national flag with a song from their country playing in the background. What an emotional moment it is!

To further keep this emotion alive, the highlight activity of the Carnival are the Country Stalls!

Every nationality is given an opportunity to represent themselves by setting up and decorating their Country Stalls. These Stalls provide a vibrant display of the rich cultures and cherished traditions of the different nations. They are an eye opener towards the many interesting facts of the countries represented. The culinary displays in the country stalls are a treat for the tastebuds! They offer an opportunity to sample many lesser known foods from that country.

The country stalls provide a perfect tour across the world. It is an evening of global travel that does not require a visa!

Various national costumes and festive attire that are adorned by the guests are a designer’s delight! It is a great moment to capture guests wearing those beautiful ensembles.

Another highlight is the International Tasting table that boasts of a delectable variety of cross cultural dishes prepared by our parents and staff. Our taste buds get to experience amazing flavours that leave everyone asking for more.

The Carnival also has a line-up of many showstopper performances. The global citizens of all ages showcase their talents through musical and dance performances. It is a delight to watch this entertaining show!

Our students participate in fundraisers through various games and bake sales. The experience and the funds raised gives them a sense of learning and responsibility. We also invite many NGOs to this community evening to help raise awareness and funds towards their worthy causes.

To further occupy every guest, the carnival has lots of activities and games in store.

The gastronomic experience continues with the dinner buffet where guests enjoy a meal with family and friends. The ambience is festive with melodious music to compliment the evening.

The Carnival evening ends with an emotion of fulfillment and a heart so full of pride and a strong sense of belonging!