Origami brings students and parents together

On March 16th, DP students Aishwarya, Mahika and So Young collaborated to lead a Maker Morning session for MBIS families on Origami creations.

Every friday, we run a CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) project where we teach PYP students origami. We have noticed that students are very keen and interested in origami as it is a chance for them to create and think critically by folding new shapes. The

project started in  December and received a strong response. As we were aware that Ms. Fanny Passeport was running the  Maker Morning programme and was about to start planning for the next session, we decided to request if we could lead the session on Origami.

We then took the challenge! We carefully planned differentiated activities for everyone to participate (from preschool to MYP). We could teach different types of Origami models (hearts, butterflies, swans, flowers etc.) and also tried to make it more personalised for the creators by providing them additional material to decorate their individual projects. We also led a collaborative task for the makers where our goal was to create decorative origami garlands so that everyone could participate in creating a masterpiece that would have a common purpose. The garlands  related to the theme of ‘Nature’ and how we could appreciate our surroundings and mimic them in the form of Origami.

We were pleased to receive positive feedback from families about their experience and would like to invite anyone interested in Origami to access our material here. Have fun creating!

  • Aishwarya, So Young and Mahika