P4 Annual Residential Field Trip  

For their annual field trip, the P4 explorers visited the hill station of Panchgani.  The five hills surrounding Panchgani are topped by a volcanic plateau which are a part of the Deccan Plateau of the famous Sahyadri Mountain Range.   

This trip tied in with our unit ‘How the world works’ where the learners inquired into the layers of the earth and natural disasters. Mr. Monish from Adventure Manta explained how Panchgani is famous for its five plateaus alternatively known as “table land” which is a natural rock formation. The table land is one of the largest and highest rock plateaus in Asia. The learners then made connections to better understand how these plateaus were raised by tectonic movement, pressure from the Earth’s plates and a volcanic eruption around 65 million years ago. Table land is also the highest volcanic plateau in India. The hills are made of volcanic and Basalt rock.  

We furthered our experiential learning by way of an exciting and mildly rigorous cave exploration. Showcasing their IBO learner profile, our young risk-takers later demonstrated their courage by participating in a variety of new and challenging activities like zip lining, rappelling and the Burma bridge. They were simultaneously sympathetic and caring towards their friends and classmates who needed support and encouragement to overcome their fears. 

We passed our evenings by the pool, star gazing and spent our final morning at the famous Mapro Garden devouring fresh strawberries with cream and strawberry ice cream!   

Below are some of our young explorers’ testimonials on our amazing trip. They demonstrate both their growth mindset and their display of IB learner profile attributes of being risk takers, caring and reflective. 

“My goal for the overnight field trip is to be a risk taker by trying new food, new activities and sharing a room with a friend. I achieved this goal by eating some spicy food and liking it. I enjoyed sharing the room with Jude because I only shared a room with my brother before. I had never done rappelling and was super scared but loved it after.” – Aiden 

“My goal for the overnight field trip is to be caring by reassuring my friends that everything will be ok I achieved this because my roommate was scared of the dark, so I told him we have torches and we kept a light on in the room and slept!”  – Aarav P 

“During the field trip I learned that some people are very scared of some activities, and you should not laugh at them because they still try and sometimes, they even do it” – Thais 

“I remember that Mr. Mohnish told us that the volcano erupted towards the norther part of the mountains and the lave flowed down and created hills and plateaus in Maharashtra after it cooled down” – Aarav K 

Co-written by the P4 learning community