PYP Book Month

The Primary Media Centre celebrated “International School Library Month” (IASL) during October, the theme was “Connecting Communities and Cultures”. We celebrated with a wide range of learning experiences and events  including: Digital Bookmark Exchange, Skype Session, reading Trickster Tales, A student Book Launch, DEAR (Drop Everything and Read), Poem in My Pocket and a Scholastic Book Fair to name a few.


PYP 1, 2 and 3 enjoyed listening to Trickster Tales from different parts of the World. After reading them the students of PYP 1 made a wonderful Word Cloud using vocabulary from the story ‘The Sacred Banana Leaf’ by Nathan Kumar Scott.  The story was set in an Indonesian forest.

Students of PYP 2 and 3 made comparisons between different Trickster Tales; ‘Mangoes & Bananas’ by Nathan Kumar Scott set in an Indonesian forest, ‘Anansi the Spider’ by Gerald McDermott, a Ashanti folklore set in the West African jungle and ‘Love and Roast Chicken’ by Barbara Knutson set in the Andes Mountains.   The students were free to use a graphic organizers or use their creativity to show their learning.

The learners of PYP 4 had a truly unique and an exciting experience; they created digital bookmarks and exchanged them with students of Agrupamento de Escolas Elias Garcia, Portugal. They designed a range of beautiful bookmarks based on the IASL theme using the online tool Pixlr.  Mr. Shaikh helped and supported us in this activity to include technology.


The book enthusiasts of PYP 5 had an opportunity to Skype with Grade 5 students of Rasbihari International School, Nashik. The children of both schools selected a book each that had made a deep impact on them. They wrote about how the book had influenced their lives. The teachers from each of the two schools then chose the best five pieces of writing, which were then shared over the Skype session. What followed was not only an exchange of ideas and experiences but also a lesson in developing and appreciating different perspectives. All the MBIS student’s written accounts can be found in a big book in our Media centre, a part of our ever-growing collection of literary works contributed by the young authors of our PYP. The activity was extended to link our digital citizenship programme to the book, find out what we did and why we we did it in the same big book!

One of the highlights of Book Month was the launch of a book written and published by one of our very own students, Tania

Poonawalla of MYP1.

Tania launched her book “The Adventures of Harvey Mouse” and shared a video of her journey, the challenges she faced and her praiseworthy achievement, inspiring and motivating her peers to follow their dreams. The book was available for sale in addition to the Scholastic Book Fair.

Thank you to all the students who bought books and the parents who supported the fair.  We earned 13,000 rupees worth of commission which was spent, alongside some of our Library budget to purchase more books for the Primary Media Centre.

Ms. Eileen, our Director, introduced “Poem in my Pocket” during our PYP assembly. She encouraged the students and teachers to carry a poem in their pocket which would be read on request. Ms. Eileen, Ms. Carla, Ms. Helen and Ms. Audrey then shared their poems with everyone.

The Book Month ended with the vibrant and thrilling Halloween Parade where the children and teachers all flaunted their scariest best.

Thank you to all the students, teachers, support staff and parents who have made this month long celebration a great success.

Ms. Devaki