PYP1: Terrific Transportation


  • An Interview with Mr. Sawant- As we set about inquiring into our school transportation system, the children drew up an impressive list of more than thirty things they  wanted to find out about our school buses. Who better to ask these questions to, than our very own Head of Transportation, Mr. Sawant. The interview session was an intense volley of non-stop questioning and answering.  At the end of it, the children knew everything there was to know about our buses; from the GPS system to the number of cylinders an engine has; from the speed limits and cost of acquiring a new bus, to the procedures in case of a puncture.
  • ‘Kon’nichiwa’ Shinkansen- Following up on the children’s fascination with bullet trains, we invited Ms. Carla to present the Shinkansen. As she has lived in Japan for over five years and has also traveled in these trains, she successfully impressed the children with her first-hand experiences and her immense knowledge of Japan’s efficient transportation system. The children were introduced to the train’s many uniques features; including its bullet shape, its superfast speed, the swivelling chairs, the Bento meals, the emergency braking system in case of an earthquake and many other specific features. By the time Ms. Carla was done, we had a classful of excited children who couldn’t wait to get to Japan and ride the Shinkansen!
  • All aboard the No. 9 Bus for Buckingham Palace – From Japan, it was soon time to head to capital city of London, with Mrs. Pattinson’s presentation, on the different transportation systems of UK. Mrs. Pattinson introduced us to not only the very useful Oyster card but also shared interesting facts about the bus system, the Underground, the black cabs and the eco-friendly bikes, an initiative by Barclays Bank! She also invited the children to explore maps of bus routes and train lines. This was the first time with maps, for many of the children and it made for an enriching, hands-on experience, as they went about navigating their way on buses and trains,  from one place to another.
  • Cruising Together- To take us ahead on this voyage, Mrs. Domkundwar from PYP2 graciously agreed to lead the session on cargo ships and cruise liners. Through a beautiful PowerPoint presentation which included pictures of her family’s  cruise holiday, she helped the children to understand the water transport systems and networks across the world. We first learned about cargo ships, their purpose, related significant features and the concept of containers.  From there, she shared her fascinating experiences aboard the Norwegian Star, unravelling the amazing world of cruise ships, complete with theaters, restaurants, shops, pools with water slides and in some ships, circuses.

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