Sometimes its not only about winning. Read on…

ISACI – Girls Football. An interview with the Captain, Ninon Bordier.

Reflection being one of our key school goals this year, I took advantage of a one hour plane trip from Bangalore to Pune to interview the Captain of the girls team and help her to reflect on the tournament.

Here are the reflections of Ninon Bordier at around 15,000 feet as she brings her team home to Pune post tournament.

Q1 – As the captain of the team, what was your main aim?

My aim really was to motivate the team and to positively motivate the other teams in the tournament, to push everyone to achieve their best whatever that may be.

From my past ISACIs, I know that our performance improves over the course of the tournament through experience of working together as a team through all our matches. That is also my aim.

Finally, I want our players to talk to each other, learn from each other and really get to trust each other. That is when you know you have a team.

Q2 – How would you describe the journey that your team had as they played all their matches?

ISACI always takes us on a big journey. I noticed that our communication became more precise through the matches, our passing skills improved and we bonded more as a team. Although it was physically and mentally tough, we started enjoying each match more as we progressed.  Some of our team was brand new this time and the journey they made to improve through the matches was really impressive.

Q3 – some people question the benefits of ISACI. What would you say to them?

ISACI has given us many skills on the pitch that can be applied back at school in our lessons. Skills such as perseverance and never to give up, to push yourself to do the best that you can are always helpful whether it is football, Extended essay or assignments in each subject. Obviously teamwork, collaboration and friendly rivalry are really important.

This type of tournament really helps you meet new people, step outside your comfort zone by getting to know them especially other students outside your grade and from a diverse age group. Its great to think that you may be staying in the house of your biggest opponent on the pitch!

Q4 – what does coming fourth in the tournament teach us?

It teaches us that the team has areas to grow. We need to learn different techniques, analyse our performance and that of other team and then apply these observation to our games. We went out there to have fun as a team, not necessarily to win.

Q5 – What advice would you give to someone thinking about becoming the ISACI captain?

To always be positive and to support all those around you, whether they are in the team or not. I would advise them to make sure everyone plays a fair game and to learn from your mistakes. As Captain, I would want my team to attend every practice and not to be afraid to talk to your team to find ways of improving your game plan.

As well as motivating the team, the Captains job is to notice the strengths of others in the team and manage them accordingly to ensure the best game plan. The coach will help with this.

Finally, I would advise not to be afraid to voice your opinion. People will look to you for leadership so having an informed opinion helps.

Thank you Ninon – now it’s time for the Eagles to land.