STOMP is explosive, creative, unique and appeals to audiences of all ages. STOMP fits perfectly into our Movement Composition Unit.  The main focus of this unit was not just to create rhythms but also to increase the heart rate while doing this. Movement Composition as described by the IBPYP  is ‘recognising that movements can be linked together and refined to create a sequence of aesthetic movements and can communicate feelings, emotions and ideas.’

PYP 5 have been working on the former part of this statement by using complexity and style to add aesthetic value to a performance through STOMP. While the PYP 4 have been working on the latter half by focusing on how balance, stability and flexibility can improve the effectiveness of our movements through a combination of gymnastics and dance.

Students of PYP 5 were forced to be thinkers and good communicators as they were put into groups of five and had to pay attention to synchronisation. They were pushed towards being creative in coming up with different beats by using their bodies as instruments. Based on the four criteria – increasing the heart rate, synchronisation, creativity and use of space, it was no easy task putting this performance together.

PYP 4 on the other hand, had the challenge of combining dance, yoga and gymnastics and using this combination to the strengths of their three member groups. Having three members in a group was beneficial to some while at times it posed as a challenge as a few groups had a member missing on the day of the final performance and they were forced to improvise and make it work.

The students from both classes were certainly risk-takers as they took these tasks up as a challenge and met our expectations when they performed in front of a large audience consisting of parents, students and teachers in their PE celebration of learning.They ended the performances by being principled as each student took responsibility for putting back the equipment that was used. Overall this unit was a great learning experience as it was completely student led and the celebration of learning was a great platform to showcase their learning and conclude the unit.

Espiciousa Rebello