Unlocking Mysteries in Preschool 3

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On Wednesday 12th October, the PS3  experienced a “Breakout EDU” for the first time. Just like the traveling Teddy “Jessie”, they had to be risk-takers, thinkers and communicators to play this game successfully.

Breakout EDU is a learning experience which incorporates unlocking online and physical puzzles. If you have heard of “The Escape Room”, it is the same concept, but flipped in a box! Instead of breaking out of a room, the aim is to open a box to unlock a mystery.

Th2e students had to cooperate and persevere in order to decode the clues and unlock the box.

They used each other’s’ strengths of Language, Math and Critical Thinking to solve the various problems. This activity did not just provide a way for students to review concepts learnt but also increased opportunities for them to display the Learner Profile attributes and attitudes such as “Communicators, Thinkers, Risk takers, Curious, Cooperative and Enthusiastic.” This learning activity put the students in a situation outside of their comfort zone, as they threw themselves into the unexpected! They explored by trial, error and  mistakes all of which  helped them to find the solutions and collaborate.  Making mistakes was necessary for them to bounce back, accept one another’s ideas and try again in order to figure out the answers  and feel proud. The reflections helped students focus on areas of improvement as well as explaining the learning outcomes.

Jessie the Traveling Teddy was tempted to help the students but somehow she chose to remain quiet.


Ms. Anjali, Ms Hema & Ms Fanny.