‘My Idol’ singing competition

On the 9th of December, MBIS hosted a ‘My Idol’ singing competition. This was preceded by several weeks of online voting. I developed this idea as part of my personal project and with the support of the teachers and students was able to raise over Rs.20, 000 for Snehalaya. The feedback for the event was very positive. The audience enjoyed very good performances from some well-known musical talents such as Mr. Piper, Daniel Luscombe and Yuvaan Ibanez. Some new stars were discovered such as Mr. Amid, Mr. Sharma and Nishka Hajela (MYP4). All the performers were very sporting to give of their time and talents for a good cause. The audience clapped and cheered enthusiastically for all the performers and many sacrificed their lunch break to attend, support and enjoy this concert.


There were many people that helped me behind the scenes contributing to the success of this event. A big thank you to Mr. Srinivas, Mrs. Meeta, Mr. Hector and Mr. Wong. The other people who helped were the support staff who assisted with the setup and AV equipment. My Idol 2016 was selected by popular audience vote and the winner was Mr. Sharma with his rendition of a beautiful Indian song that had the audience swaying and clapping to the beat.

Organising this event taught me many lessons. I learned how to design a website and understood the importance of organisation, communication, persistence. Maintaining records and following up. I feel lucky to have had this experience at my age and will definitely use these lessons learned going forward. (Benjamin Luscombe MYP 5)