P5 Exhibition – Inquiry into Land Pollution

Hello my name is Hyeonwoo and I am 11 years old. I am from Korea and I like to play lego.

The reason I chose this issue of land pollution is because this is a very serious local and global issue. It is happening naturally all over the world. People all have to do 3Rs (reuse, reduce and recycle) to prevent land from getting spoiled.

My central idea was: Waste management systems transform communities and the environment.

My lines of Inquiry were:

  • Types of land pollution. (Form)
  • Impact of land pollution on communities and the environment (Causation)
  • Responsible waste management. (Responsibility)

My transdisciplinary theme was Sharing the planet. I think my inquiry is connected to this transdisciplinary theme because land is a finite resource and we are fighting to look after it.

My concepts were Form, causation & responsibility.

My focus Learner Profile attributes were

  • Caring: I think I was caring because I cared about land getting spoiled and try to find ways we can prevent it.
  • Thinker: I was a thinker because I thought of solutions to stop land pollution.

My inquiry is connected to UN SD Goal 15 Life on Land, Target 15. 3 End desertification and restore degraded land.

My approaches to learning were Research skills

  • I gathered my information and recorded it in my journal.
  • I arranged and sorted information into my slide.
  • I created my slide to communicate my research findings

During my research I found out…..

  • Soil contamination (Land Pollution)is something that is made by people wasting and trashing that hurts mother earth.
  • That land pollution is happening all around the world
  • People make a lot of trash and they throw it on land.
  • Garbage which people throw away destroys the land.
  • Land pollution can happen under and over the earth surface.
  • It connects to target 15.3 because I want to take action in reducing land pollution.

Primary Sources: I had an interview with Ms Maya to gather information.

Secondary Sources. I used websites.

My slides will only be accessible via an MISP email id.  Parents can log in with the students id’s. 

My Google Slides Presentation

Action I am going to take

  • Reuse things(I use my brother’s old clothes.)
  • Pick up trash.
  • I avoid using things that are made out of plastic.

Action for others

  • Inform them about impact of land pollution
  • Tell them to reuse, reduce and recycle.
  • Ask my family to make less trash.

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