The Content Creators of PYP 5

Opportunities are often disguised as problems. And PYP 5 is unafraid.

Our problem: There is so much happening here. How will parents know?

Our solution: We are authors! And our audience includes the most enthralled advocates of our lifetime: Our parents!

This opportunity is too delicious not to taste.

“Every human is an artist. And this is the main art that we have: the creation of our story.” -Don Miguel Ruiz

PYP 5 has undertaken something new. Our Weekly Update is fresh each week, with content creators signing up each Monday to write to their heart’s content. Our Weekly Update Master, Aditya Chattaraj, shares editing permissions, adds a Friday publishing date, and organizes articles using his judgment. Come each week’s end, PYP 5 authors experience the healthy pressure of a weekly Thursday publishing deadline.

For four weeks, PYP 5 has published student-authored Updates. For four weeks, author Tia Agarwal has created content, introducing her gamified classroom to parents in her article “Classcraft”, sharing Migration Panel Discussion success in her article “Unit of Inquiry”, bringing parents up-to-date on PYP 5 arts integration in her article “Art and Music Updates”, and talking all about her experience with her extra-curricular activity in her article “Arts and Crafts ECA”.

The PYP 5 authors publish independently and with co-author friends. Upcoming articles include two group-created comics and a wide variety of interest articles sprinkled with learning dust: “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, “Dreaming of a Class Pet”, “Aero-Modelling ECA”, “Football Rules”, “Hooked by Books ECA”, and “Learning to Play ECA”.

The what is clear, the how explained, and why? Empowerment. Voice. Agency. Self-awareness. Authentic audience. Synthesis. Reflection. Critical thinking. Teachable moments. Interest-driven learning.










You see, our parents don’t get to have fun in fifth grade anymore, and we empathize. PYP 5 is doing all we can to share our fun!

Jeff Underhill