PYP exhition

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My name is Liam I’m Filipino born in Dubai and now I am living in Pune

Why did I select my inquiry?

I chose my inquiry, clean water and sanitation because a lot of people don’t have clean water even though you need water to survive.

My central idea was: The impact of water systems on the quality of life.

My lines of Inquiry were:

  1. The effects of poverty and access to water
  2. Systems that are in place to clean water
  3. Ways to provide access to clean water

My transdisciplinary theme was: How the world works

My concepts were: Causation, function and change

My related concepts were Impact, (LOI1), Role (LOI2) Growth (LOI3)

My focus Learner Profile attributes were Reflective and thinker

My UN Goals was   number    SDG 6     Title:    Clean water and sanitation                            

descriptor: Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.             

My approaches to learning were Research skills and self-management skills.

During my research I found out:

  • Hand pumps is the best option for a water supply for poorer countries and that reverse osmosis filters sea water.
  • I read a quote in the website National Geographic stating their experience in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
  • I used a lot of secondary sources such as National Geographic and The SDG website itself.
  • UV light doesn’t kill bacteria by boiling the water, instead it uses light beams and when it glows on the water all the bacteria dies.

Here are some of the resources I created to help spread awareness about my inquiry


Google slides  link here

My posters:

My personal action will be Spreading awareness to clean water and sanitation

I ask you to take action by Taking short showers and donating to water charities