On March 29, 2019, the DP2 Final Exhibition representing two years of planning and hard work was well received. Visitors could be seen with huge smiles and wide eyes as they peered into the newly designed spaces within the gallery. Gasps followed by interesting questions could be heard as they stepped closer to the fine work displayed. Requests for photographs, and inquiries related to intention and technique were just a few of the highlights of this special evening. Our students transformed and stepped a little further away from their high school experience to get a taste of what it feels like to experience life beyond the classroom walls. Meghan, Beatrice, Lukas, Anya, and Harvey on this evening were no longer together in conversation but separated and joined with an audience of their very own. The conversations that each artist lead, rested solely on their individual ideas and expression that supported this final celebration. If you take into consideration the littlest members of the audience or our most experienced gallery goers, much praise and excitement was molded into the words and kind gestures that were voiced and sent in the direction of our talented young student artists.

As Meghan approached the final preparations for her exhibition Unveil, she so enthusiastically shared her enjoyment of writing the exhibition text that accompanied her visual pieces. If her art was not already impressive enough she managed to pen words that could only be deciphered by the most skilled and understanding readers. During Anya’s talks, related to her exhibition Perception, she could be heard quickly rephrasing and focusing the topic to best fit the audience. Her ability to transition and comfortably role with the discussion as it unfolded gave increased credibility to the work on display. Lukas’s genuine approach and relaxed conversation that gave a smooth flow to his explanation related to his initial intention was so impressive. His spinning shadows lapped the draped surface of the gallery walls as he talked confidently about his resolution and final discoveries related to his exhibition titled Barriers.

The layout of the gallery and floor plan lead from first to second entrance on the left and this space was dedicated to Beatrice’s “Journey.” Here she shared her unique journey as only an international school student could. Planting then ripping her roots from city to city and country to country all the while gathering objects and experiences that all fell into place within her canvases. She naturally began explaining through the use of her process portfolio how ideas and technique came to fruition. Harvey’s explosion of very large graffiti inspired pieces very naturally grasped the attention of the many visitors who gathered on this special evening. Mostly black and white images largely realized by spray and stencil with much creativity gave way to an exhibition that stood on its own as an example of just what the students of MBIS are capable of.

The capabilities of an IB student cannot go without mentioning how it is the shaping and integration of knowledge gathered in all subjects that leads to success, dedication and demonstration of wit and academics combined. This show titled “Untitled,” was truly a celebration of the creative well balanced student efforts of a DP Programme that comes together gracefully in a true show of delight.

Joseph Coburn

Teacher – IBDP Arts