My Exhibition

My name is Alena Pavlu and today I want to share with you my Exhibition. My topic is wellbeing.

Wellbeing is: Food, Sports, Mental wellbeing.

Why did I select my inquiry?

I chose my inquiry because in Czech I was doing aerobics and it was a part of wellbeing.

My central idea was:  Lifestyle choices impact our wellbeing.

My lines of Inquiry were:

  • Understanding wellbeing
  • Factors that contribute to wellbeing
  • Choices for a healthy lifestyle

My transdisciplinary theme was: Who we are

My concepts were:




My related concepts were:

PSPE – Active Living: Body form, improvement, flexibility, rest, strength and endurance

My focus Learner Profile attributes were:

Thinker – I am thinking about what I want to do, what I can do. I was thinking about everything that I have done in my preliminary research.

Communicator – I am communicating with my teachers and my mentor. I also had two interviews, where I had to talk too.

My UN Goals:

My Un goal was number 3 – Good health and wellbeing.

My approaches to learning I was focusing on were:

Communication skills – Speaking, writing

Research skills – Formulating and planning, synthesizing and interpreting 

My links to the school Mission and Vision were:

The Vision statement of our school is to create an empowered, innovative and agile community of learners who achieve and contribute positively within and beyond the school.

I was empowered to be a learner as I was independent and responsible for my learning during the exhibition. I was innovative as I found new, creative ways of communicating my learning: Kahoot, Art, Making Posters, Surveys and Canva

I was agile as a learner because in the middle of the exhibition, we had to stop coming to school and start virtual learning. I changed my plans for the presentations. I took pictures of my posters, links to my Kahoot, Surveys and I made a Presentation online to my teachers and my classmates. I was flexible as I changed my presentation.

Also with my personal action which I took with my family I hope to contribute positively in my community and with the action which I will take when school reopens, I will contribute positively to the school community also.

Main Conceptual understandings (findings, facts and insights)

During my research I found out:


Healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean just eating healthy and exercising.

It also means a couple of other things, like sleeping, social interaction, hygiene, stress resistance…

I used primary resources:

My primary resources were two interviews. I had one with Ms. Christine and the other one was online with Dr. Vaijayanti.

I used secondary resources:

Websites, Destiny, Google.

Here are some of the resources I created to help spread awareness about my inquiry

This is my link to my Kahoot I created

This is the link to my presentation

These are my posters I made:

  1. The first one is where you can find what is my central idea, lines of inquiry,..
  2. The second one is about wellbeing.
  3. The next one will show you something about food.
  4. The next poster is about sports.
  5. And the last one would show you something about mental wellbeing.

Then I made an infographic on sleep and here you can read it.

And then I prepared a survey on wellbeing and I gave it to P2 and some P5 students.

Also I made an collage which you can see here:

Inquiry that leads to action!

My personal action will be to be careful about the whole wellbeing. Get at least 8 hours of sleep. Drink a lot of water. Focus on eating healthy.

I ask you to take action by reading my infographic I want to give you.

Everybody can be healthy…

Everybody can start right now…                                                           


In this link you can see the credits I used for my research